Plus Providus


Our organism is made up of water for the most part. We need fluids to stay hydrated and live in good health. But do we really need plastic? Every day, millions of polyethylene foam bottles are used and thrown away soon afterwards. In the best case scenario, they are recycled. But never disposed of entirely. Fuel is required for their production, and then again for the transportation. But there is already an alternative.

Plus Providus is the answer. Eco-friendly, completely recyclable but above all durable. A travelling companion that is environmentally-friendly and answers a basic need. We all need to drink, but why not do it from the same bottle? Hygienic, convenient, handy. Just as you want it. This is the time to do something, to get rid of nasty habits and finally be free. Free by nature.


Plus Providus


When you’re thirsty, you drink. Very simple, very natural, it happens all the time. Every day, to anyone, the most fortunate among us do it without thinking. An essential and vital gesture. You are what you drink. At the gym, on the road, in the mountains, in your bag, wherever you go, you always carry something to drink. Obvious but never to be taken for granted.

A vision that opens up an infinite world of possibilities.

Plus Providus

Plus Providus arises from a simple yet genius intuition and from a vision of endless potential. Providus + has been operating in the camping & outdoor sector since 1928 and today it is taking on a brand new challenge by offering this small jewel of perfection. The brand has a fresh language coupled with a rational appeal and fashion. It targets a chorus of non-conformists, nature lovers, who are real sticklers for every nitpicking detail and who have now found a new cult object.

Plus Providus


The providential bottle is always at your side. There are a thousand uses you can make of it. Sports, excursions, shopping, dancing, when you want it and how you want it. A nice object which is also and above all useful. Technical, ultra-light, in satin-finish aluminium.

One shape and infinitely surprising graphic design combinations. Plus Providus is always different. Chameleon-like, it moulds into your personality, colours, textures, illustrations. Everything speaks of you. An essential object that combines style and functionality.

Whoever said a bottle can’t become a must, much like a telephone or iPod?

Plus Providus


The things we love are part of us, we don’t let them go, we hold them tight, we guard them jealously so that they won’t get spoilt. The things we love are usually small and smart. And small, smart things have a great power: the power to change things. If we all were to use our personal bottle there would be no need to pollute the planet with unnecessary plastic. If we all were more Plus Providus, things would turn out for the better..

Plus Providus